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ScriptnameREADME The speed of your sytem will determine how fast the
program will properly transmit and recieve. I have an
older system that can only transmit up to about 15
words per minute before the sound gets distorted.
The run the program and a GUI will appear.
To practice transmitting, click on the button labeled
"Transmit". This will put some text into the entry
widget that you are to transmit.
Move the mouse over the label "paddle".
Key... This script implements a Game of Life according to John Conway. Matrix size as well as birth and survival rules are editable. The initial state can be set up by random generator or manually.
An up to date perl distribution (5.6 or higher) and the Tk module is required.
Copyright 2008-2013 Ingram Braun and <>. All rights reserved.
Please note that the Perl version is discontinued as I tr...
p2h-0.2 p2h
v 0.02
p2h >yourhtml.html
Consider this version alpha. It will convert code without
errors. It will not output errors other than those not
caught, which is all :)
It will not take command line arguments including --help.
The next revision will take command line arguments to show
Add generic color themes, similar to vim. The ones I plan
on implementing are common ones like
... tangobulario is a perl script to train your vocabulary in foreign languages.
The user must create a plain text datafile containing
pairs of words separated by an '=' sign. In each run,
tangobulario asks a random subset of these words (25
by default) in several rounds till all the words are
answered correctly.
Also, tangobulario stores statistics of the number
of wrong answers, and uses this information to ask
difficult words more ... CalcNIFTk is sample Perl/Tk script that enables you to
calculate the Spanish NIF letter from NIF number.
Works under Linux and Windows.
Sorry English users this software was written in Spanish.
Feel free to contact the author for more information.
CalcNIFTk es una script Perl/Tk de ejemplo que le
permitirá calcular la letra del número NIF utilizado en
España. Funciona bajo Linux y Windows. Win32_GetHostInfoTk is sample Perl/Tk script that shows you
how to get information from Windows registry through
the module Win32::TieRegistry.
It has a simple user interface where you can place the computer
from wich you will get the information.
The script get some hardware information and the list of
installed applications.
Remember that user rights applies, if your users has not the
right rights you would not get the expecte...
kauderwelsch Kauderwelschgenerator für deutschartige Texte.
 · analysiert einen Korpus und erfindet gleichartige Worte
 · Worte werden zu Sätzen gruppiert
 · works for other languages by changing some variables Draw geometric figures using compass and straight edge only. Draw geometric figures using compass and straight edge only.
LPCal_v1_1.plx Lunar Phase Calendar v1.1
A pTk GUI based calendar.  
graphPlotter-1.04.ptk.pTk Following script is a graph plotter for the polynomials of the form y = F(x).
Trigonometric functions are also supported. This script can find its application
in solving complex polynomial equations using graphs.
logAnalyzer-1.0.ptk The following script is designed to read the Native Logfile Format(NLF) and generate
outputs in different graphical forms. logAnalyzer-1.0.ptk written in perl/Tk can find its applications
in Analyzing huge logfiles generated by servers, building information database to sort the
internet usage depending on various requirements, gaining more control over the security of
the proxy servers by restricting users as per their requiremen... THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT COME WITH ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Please check out my blog at if you like this script.
bibAddPubMed-0.2 This script takes a BibTeX file as input, searches PubMed for each entry in it,
and outputs another BibTeX file after adding URLs and/or abstracts for the
entries it found on PubMed.

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